Each Stabbert conversion yacht is designed for adventure travel in exotic and remote locations. Your vessel will deliver you, your family, and privileged guests safely to stunning destinations where natural beauty and fascinating culture are often unreachable by any other means.

A Stabbert conversion brings you freedom, security and a marine lifestyle at an unparalleled level. The mission may be a circumnavigation, a ship-based helicopter tour of Tuscan vineyards, or simply to provide a platform for a comfortable hammock from which to enjoy a tropical breeze and a good novel.

The vessel's ultimate purpose is to serve the owner's global curiosity. 

Over the last couple years yacht conversions and refits have grown in popularity.  Stabbert Maritime virtually invented the idea in 1945 with the conversion of a WWII minesweeper.  To date we have completed over 30 vessel conversion projects in the commercial and yacht sectors of the industry.  Our long standing involvement if this particular field makes us the industry leader in yacht conversions.  Our understand is forged through decades of experience and dedication and not on temporary market trends.